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Charles Reed - Tell Me Lyrics

Tell Me Lyrics

Where is your girlfriend at?
Heard you all get down like that
And I guess is true
Cause the way shorty is on this floor Â…
Mm make us carry it
Now I wanna try it
ItÂ's perfect timing
And I got next
See I donÂ't wanna buss in
But you gotta tell me


Tell me what that you like
Just tell me
And I promise I will do it all night
Girl you got me feeling so right
Girl you got me high of life
Get nasty get freaky get sexy girl (repeats)

If you just let me

Damn you just kissed
Like it was the first time
Baby girl I like that
Yeah I like that
You are not going no where
Bring your back pack
.. wispier on my ear what you want girl
IÂ'm gonna put it into your life
Matter fact twice
So swatch up with your girl baby
And IÂ'm gonna put it in her world


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