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Sway - Speedin' Reloaded Lyrics

Speedin' Reloaded Lyrics

Walk right in [x7]

Walk into the sunset, tell me if you wanna go
Speedin speedinÂ'
Aint no slowing down
Tell me if you wanna go speedinÂ', speedinÂ'
(Still SpeedinÂ')

[1st Verse : Sway]
I was telling everybody up your speed
That was a couple of years ago
And now IÂ'm revving up for Deliverance
Switching up gears, got a couple of years to go
(Super swah!)
Here we go! As soon as you hear that, go!
Liverpool to Portsmouth, yeah,
That chorus got the crowd screaming

Ooooh oh, ooooh oh!
Ooooh oh, ooooh oh!
I got the people screaming
Ooooh oh, ooooh oh!
Ooooh oh, ooooh oh!
(Still SpeedinÂ')

Click, click, hear the strap
Seat belt DerekÂ's back!
Time to blow like IÂ'm Dynamo
No more disappearing act,
I know you miss me, I miss you too!
Sometimes thatÂ's what a mist will do
Like Taio I was cruising
Now itÂ's time to take my steering back
One of the best to ever do it
(They say!)
A testament to this game
(They say!)
And even in the wind I never blew it
(They say!)
I swayed but kept in my lane
They call me Fleetwood mac
IÂ'm a with a mac with a fleet
Still getting royalties
No spoiler but I spoil me!
I got the crowd screaming

Ooooh oh, ooooh oh!
Ooooh oh, ooooh oh!
I got the people screaming
Ooooh oh, ooooh oh!
Ooooh oh, ooooh oh!
Still speeding!
Ooooh oh, ooooh oh!
Ooooh oh, ooooh oh!
Ooooh oh, ooooh oh!
Make some noise!

Still SpeedinÂ'

[2nd Verse : Lupe Fiasco]
With a gas tank full of tear drops
Collected over the years, what has fueled this here drop
IÂ'm so high, everytime I drive my ears pop
Clutch full of victory, never let it slip through my gear box'_reloaded_lyrics_sway.html
Like a ? they drop into a rise
Look into my headlights, might go blind looking in my eyes
Lewis, Lewis Hamilton showing up on this track
If you ever lost, then every feel exhausted
ThereÂ's only one formula to bring it back
Sway and Â'pe, go together like A&K
4 and 7, trigger/finger
Put it in the air and make it spray (Blaow)
Kick it like a hotspurs game, TottenhamÂ's ashes
Not about cricket, strapped, we bash the brains outtaÂ…

[3rd Verse : Lupe Fiasco]
Pedal to the metal on a level I ainÂ't gonna settle
For anything less than gold
I ainÂ't gonna meddle around about
End up down and out
Tryna build since I was little kid I never had the lego
Running through the fields and the meadows of Ally Pally
And now IÂ'm a hill with Geppetto
Was enough to make a fake boy real!
I can definitely make a real boy hard as steel!
I ainÂ't gonna stop until I do a couple of millions
I gave them my demo, now itÂ's time to deal again!
IÂ'm back up on the bill again
IÂ'm fresh from the bank,
BobÂ's your uncle!
Mines uncle Phil again
Because IÂ've got the will power IÂ've got the potential
And I got the credentials
All of the essentials when it gets stressful
My bp rises but IÂ'm never gonna stop
Unless I need to get petrol!
Still speedingÂ'

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