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Joell Ortiz - Marajuana Man Lyrics

Marajuana Man Lyrics

YÂ'all know who I is
Marijuana Man!

[Verse 1 - Joell Ortiz]
Ok, I got the best pot in town
But before you get with me, boy
I want you to shop around
So when you come back this way
You know you dealing with that piff
IÂ'm a king of the spliffs
No ands, buts or ifs
ItÂ's them magazine haze from down MIA
I got 5 GÂ's a P, donÂ't worry what I pay
Put your 20′s in a bag
Slide your 50′s in a jar
Made niggas could move hundreds
If they hustled up to par
I drive a nice car off the strength of that plant
Just breaking up a budÂ'll have your fingers all damp
IÂ'm Ray? treated like dope
And have my shit stamped
Call it ? everything I love all you need is one bud
To f-ck up your camp
On the grind all the time
YÂ'all be knowing my steez
Environmentalists be hating how IÂ'm moving them trees
But I canÂ't stop, that pot keep knots in my pocket
Unless I get shot or knocked, yÂ'all not gon knock it
Who IÂ'm is?

[Hook x2]
Marijuana man, high as a Marley man
20 in my right, nice philly in my other hand
IÂ'm a hustle man, IÂ'm just tryna double, man
Stack a couple hundred grand
Keep everybody puffing man

[Verse 2 - Joell Ortiz]
I got it all colors
What kind of smoke are you trying to do?
Looking for something sweet and smooth?
Right this way: IÂ'll show you them blues
The best part about this, go ahead and toss it on that scale
That this only a .7, this bud is puffy as hell
Want something a little stronger?
I got something thatÂ'll hurt you
Follow me over here – see that right there?
Yeah, thatÂ's that purple
The budÂ's a little tighter
And IÂ"m sure youÂ're smelling fumes
It tastes just like it smells and that high?
It packs a peww, now this fella right here
HeÂ's both fluffy and heÂ's right
His nickname is Â"AlbinoÂ", heÂ's a rhino and heÂ's white
IÂ'd leave him in a jar so they could see him and get hyped
Cause heÂ's drenched in THC
Looks like a tree with Christmas lights
And last but not least: heÂ's plain green
But he can push! Grand-daddy of them all
Look at his swoosh, they call his Â"KushÂ"
Now it costs a little more – but my oh my will this one go
And so there you have it bro
Last thing left it get this dough
Who I is?


[Verse 3 - Joell Ortiz]
You can dabble with the other stuff
And made a lot of paper
But a couple guys I knew got hit with numbers like the Raiders
Real stand-up dudes, they ainÂ't even mention a player
So I switched hustles – cash ainÂ't as fast
But itÂ's much safer
IÂ'm in and out of state
Without even half of the risk
A weed case is like a bracelet
Little slap on the wrist
But enough about getting locked
Cause ainÂ't nobody getting caught
Everybody getting guaped
The whole world smoking pot, baby!


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