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SwizZz - SwizZzy Wright Lyrics

SwizZzy Wright Lyrics

[Intro - SwizZz]
Bom bom bom bom
Oh, bom bom bom boom
Hey, bom bom bom bom
All-right, here we go

[Verse - SwizZz & (Dizzy Wright)]
Yo, one, two check like a mark IÂ'm here
Niggas get cozy, its gonÂ' be a long year
IÂ'm not by myself so donÂ't try that from the rear
I got Dizzy runninÂ' with me, IÂ'd advise you be aware

(Uh, mindset racing, I got a duffle bag
Try to snatch it, turn your face into a punchinÂ' bag
The ladies love the tats, want to lick Â'em front to back
Fuck her once she sneakinÂ' out and I donÂ't think she cominÂ' back)

Nah, and I donÂ't think sheÂ's coming back neither
So you should quit callin and textin and take a breather
She only fuck with you cause her ? beaver
Now she moved on, I know you seen the logo on her T-shirt

(Uh, high life IÂ'm blowinÂ' ghosts on a lonely road
Dummy flow, Steve Harvey said I was Romeo
You chasing women, IÂ'm chasing what God only knows
If you dont think we rock the show, then what the fuck you cominÂ' for?)

Now tell me that, huh, why you on that bullshit?
YouÂ'll get screwed like a driver, get your tool kit
IÂ'm schooling niggas and IÂ'm handing out the rubric
You talkinÂ' like you got it but you havenÂ't even proved shit

(Boy you ainÂ't never moved shit, you donÂ't move bricks
Still livinÂ' witÂ' your grand-mama and your two kids
You a broke confused kid, a legendary
Never secondary, I grind whenever its necessary)

Man I unnecessarily talk shit to talk it
The rap like TV or down deposit
On some different shit and ? IÂ'm fucking awkward
IÂ'm in your bathroom shittinÂ' on your granite faucet

(Your shit is awful boy donÂ't try to get in touch with me
Nasty flow, I two girls, one cup the beat
Smoking weed, getting high with a couple freaks
That love the D, especially, cause canÂ't nobody can fuck with me)

Now thatÂ's a commonality we both share
IÂ'm Â'bout to take flight just lookinÂ' for a low fare
A few resist the urge to look, but most stare
You ainÂ't never ball, just your bitch got no pair

(You got it boy, Barry Bond in your fuckinÂ' nogginÂ'
Top Ramen watch p-ssy? got nothing in common
Boy stop it, I get it poppinÂ', I been a problem
You been a weirdo, you probably hang out with Dennis Rodman)

Your sittinÂ' court-side, gettinÂ' your hair-doo died
Your mama must regret not gettinÂ' her fuckinÂ' tubes tied
In a double-knot to preventing the fuckinÂ' shame
Of having a grown man without an asset to his name

(Uh, your rap career ainÂ't no realer then a monkey turtle
I smoke too much, IÂ'm always in a funky circle
I got the purple, you fuckers are too commercial
My lyrics deliver murder, we do this shit, no rehearsal)

Man practice, what the fuck is practice? A.I
IÂ'm insect repellent to those claiminÂ' they stay fly
Dizzy taught me how to cook, now I bake pies
Stupid ass swag, like I got my fuckinÂ' brain fried

(I swear my dick long like a giraffe neck
Baby wanna try, and say she havinÂ' bad sex
I wake up, swag out, and then I cash checks
This rapper money got me wantinÂ' to enter a math tech)

You get your work check, cash it, and break down to ones
Then pour Â'em on male strippers when you need some fun
I earn a cheque then deposit it into my savings fund
Re-up on tree when IÂ'm on E and slide my mom a couple bucks

(Moms comfy, now find dudley
I think IÂ'm the bomb, because I keep the bomb on me
Bomb dot com, slash con, Diggity Simmons, Kennedy Don
YG, with these ratchets, who be fuckinÂ' around with my time, uh)

Eh, one more time (uh), last one for the homies (uh)
? with a little bit of (huh?)
That means IÂ'm gettinÂ' busy like I got no common shit
IÂ'm high wit Dizzy, gettin dizzy, faded off a couple hits

(We on the come up quick, Funk Volume runninÂ' shit
Breeze got me sippinÂ' slow and haters yÂ'all can suck a dick
IÂ'm Dizzy Wright and IÂ'm faded in on some other shit
SwizZzle told me ainÂ't nobody could fuck wit this)


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