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Lil B - Beat The Odds Lyrics

Beat The Odds Lyrics

Yeah! I gotta say too much on this
Momma working all day, IÂ’mma pray the God,
If I donÂ’t make it in the world, please protect my mom
The pressure on the teenage man, I can understand
I just turned twenty myself, the world be a cold place
See, our life is real, but ainÂ’t nobody see a life to frail
When I ride I feel so kind of way that Â…
So I understand how you feel
IÂ’m alone with you, IÂ’m online
Just to watch the news when I upload
I appreciate the views but you donÂ’t gotta watch me
You donÂ’t gotta like me since you ride with me..
I never had nobody that can accept the Â…
Everybody was scared because I didnÂ’t know myself
That particular time is when IÂ’m always writing rhymes
And speaking my mind IÂ… keep my head right about my momma home
..donÂ’t stop, ..donÂ’t stop
I work every day is a come and go
To keep my head right and buy my moms a home!
..donÂ’t stop, ..donÂ’t stop

IÂ’m feeling so many times I didnÂ’t learn the lesson
Hope IÂ’m not an example, hope you really see my message.
I do this for my family and everybody that respected
But time fly fast and IÂ’m feeling resentment!
I donÂ’t think about my best IÂ’m moving fifty percent
If I Â… thirty five in theÂ…
Â…if IÂ’m thinking I win
But where I grew up, either you sink or you swim.
S itÂ’s crabs in the bucket you heard that phrase
But everybody got a chance to shower and praise
So IÂ’m.. to change the whole wayÂ…
Rode a book 19, I hope thatÂ…
A lot of people thought IÂ’m dumb like an underachievement
Cause my grades wasnÂ’t good, but I was smoking thatÂ…
But my mom said son, if you keep believing
You can be anything, just keep on breathing!
And I try to stay clean, but drugs isÂ…
This is something in my brain, since an early age
And I never fall off, but these words you got,
AinÂ’t no promise in this life, IÂ’mma beat the..
Momma struggling every day just to keep a job
And donÂ’t nobody understand what I go through daily
So if IÂ’m looking kinda down
Just salute the guy Â…
Cause to really tell the truth is hard
IÂ’m writing rhymes every day
Is a gift from God, and if you listen to this rap,
This is for my heart
..IÂ’mma beat the odds, and IÂ’mma do the right thing
Be the Â….
IÂ’mma beat the odds!
IÂ’mma beat the odds, little being!

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