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Lil B - I Forgive You Lyrics

I Forgive You Lyrics

it’s been a lot of bullshit on my mind
you know i’m just tryin to stay alive
and be positive, you know uplift
you know show love to where i come from

i’m sayin fuck these niggas, you know?
this shit bring tears to my eyes
cause its like fuck these niggas man!
that's on life nigga..

[verse 1]
my insides burned up i'm tore up from the weed smoke
my vision out of place i'ma hunter
i got the fiends dope not literally but mentally
i'm on another note
the last time i seen some real friends it was on a the tv show
and when i was going broke they always had their comments
leave you in the dirt and hit you where it hurts
but man like me i'ma work on the nightshift
work on the graveyard, even if i never sleep shit
the american dream is to die self made
the rich stay rich and the poor eat the grains, now that's where the root and the source of all my pain
i was born into war
i don’t wanna die in the flames

[verse 2]
listen just listen, you can hear it in the system
i forgive you for your thoughts
it's hard to see wisdom
when you're a five, you not thinking ten
you not seeing seven, you’re not even six
and that gets me kind of pissed ‘cause most niggas stayin' under

i forgive you for your hate, i sit back and wonder
life’s really hard but i move through the thunder
i keep my head up i step my bread up
the money came to me ‘cause a brother stopped chasing
quit bein' so thirsty, no off-back hatin'
no random car rides with the fiends to go shopping,
who was stealing at night
i was dealing at night
but plottin' by day
still live in paranoia
even still to this day i can’t believe i'm not folded
they not planking, in the bay, where i'm from
’cause this is not a game and they got real guns
i forgive you for your ignorance not payin attention to the message that i'm givin
to say i'm never sittin?
that mean that i’m never sick and i've been down since the beginning
with a cough and a limp, warm head & cold lips nigga this lil boss

and now i’m thinking about the attack
cause the squad showed me hate..but i don’t gotta relax
(i gotta relax actually, i need to relax. )
but i got the respect, i forgive you at last, take the money out the car
i’ll put my soul in the bag

i forgive you mixtape
it's not too much i can say
just feel my pain

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