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Nate - Africa Lyrics

Africa Lyrics

[chorus - jalex]

[verse 1 - nate]
as i sit back and think of the people suffering overseas,
it burns my eyes to see what people do for greed,
and how ignorant we actually are,
if it doesn’t effect us directly then we don’t give a f*ck,
so think about that love, when you look upon your diamond rings,
children in africa are dying and some are losing limbs,
i’ve heard people say diamonds are a girls best friend,
but mother africa says them b*tches are just pretend,
indigenous tribes are being killed off in time,
while this western world is raping .. africa blind,
it’s hard to find peace, when you’re raging inside,
specially when you see your own people be brutalised,
so take a look at the egyptian statues,
why do you think there noses are broke? black people that’s you! knowledge is power, nothing on this world coincidental,
they don’t ever want us realising our potential

[chorus - jalex]

[verse 2 - cyclonious]

yo, i’m for the freedom of my people,
africa the motherland, deliver us from evil,
no one came before you, that’s why i adore you,
teach the kids about you, do anything for you,
garvey is a repatriate vision, blackstar ripo-rate rgb coalition,
somalians fighting for survival on the shore, been labelled pirates by the under-beings law,
salassie i fought with his back against the wall, -hotemp the father of medicine to cure us all,
you feed the whole planet, and they can’t stand it,
physically, mentally, religiously they attack it,
the congo is always under warfare, for material gain,
the pain we feel is unfair,
wipe your tears it’s time to use your brain as spears,
no fear, no gain, if the pain ain’t there,

[chorus - jalex]

[verse 3 - dark matter]

you’re either a … passivist or an active african activist,
what only makes us stronger is overcoming the challenges,
of damages inflicted, in kemet there are pictures that are scripted,
we conquered every doubt about our limits,
who made the first calendar, alphabet and compass,
circumnavigated the planet before columbus,
erected statues of aset and asar,
looked at the stars and charted all the planets afar,
and overstood the universal balance, one with our talents,
cause natures child never a place that’s cold and callous,
on ancient lands of sahara sands we banged,
drums with our hands till the heavens see our stand,
the fallen grace of the planets face, who could take the place?,
but only if there minds are in a better state,
the only ways the ancestors in their d.n.a.,
i say (?) you know that we’ll ride to see some better days.

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