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XV - 30000 Feet Up In The Sky Lyrics

30000 Feet Up In The Sky Lyrics

We going high, high, high, high
30,000 Feet Up In The Sky (Vizzy)
We going high, high, high, high
30,000 Feet Up In The Sky
We going high, high, high, high
30,000 Feet Up In The Sky

[Verse 1: XV]
I do it all for the life that we cherishing
And dimes like a ferryman
And paper like librarians
And a whole bunch of Squarians
Who keep me on shuffle
Knowing IÂ’m gonÂ’ win
This is game 6, 4th quarter, Dallas in a huddle
16 years old, you woulda found me in some trouble
Cause I hustle while they cuddle
And threw knuckles when they juggled
And I stacked chips but never singles
These are pringles those are ruffles
And if Kansas burned down now, you would find me in the rubble
Cause I rep it like every second
And I get it like every minute
IÂ’m more serious every period
And IÂ’m in it with every sentence
Before itÂ’s all over I promise theyÂ’ll carry the best
My brother is Dillion, IÂ’m bound to be stressed
No dollars is on them streets boy
All you gon' get is reality checks
IÂ’m overseas like Bono and hittinÂ’ tree like Bono
Blunts fat as Yokozuna
But my eyes like Yoko OnoÂ’s
And all I have are hopes man
That one day theyÂ’ll all get on me
You found out that IÂ’m dope man
Go ‘head and snitch on me


[Verse 2]
Wherever you think I went, I didnÂ’t go
And if I did I took a pic of it and sent it home
Deserving my spot, I put that sword in the rock like Pendragon Arthur, Arthur
Vizzy bitch IÂ’m in my zone
They do what the Romans do, when in Rome
And I do what a cobra do, spit venom
Told my city I did a song like lights up in a rented home
We fight just for the time thats here
And live life until my minutes gone
My-my how fifteen minutes fly by
They tellinÂ’ me I rep it
And I just reply “I try”
They know just where my head is
Where my head is where IÂ’m headed is the sky
The game was hungry and these monkeys just fedded a bunch of lies
And they give food while they give food
And I came through like IÂ’m they hero
My label is asking for hits IÂ’m thinking IÂ’m steadily bringing them kiloÂ’s
And shawty is asking for one on one
IÂ’m asking them for a trio
I get over her like scorpio
My hearts on sub zero

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