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Busta Rhymes - Urgent Lyrics

Urgent Lyrics

baby hurry up, call em back
somebody try the front
iÂ’m sorry but the situation is kind of urgent
the situation is kind of urgent
the situation is kind of urgent
see what we call us when we be in the club
police try to show us this kind of urgent
the situation is kind of urgent
the situation is kind of urgent

i got the team murder mammyÂ’s is on ..
that rob a hundred niggas for the day is over
why you be in the club dumped there
so when the bone i was in the private woman chicks
smacking with the owners
and point celebration so this toast is urgent
powder on the table like the .. is so ..
go ahead stiff that while iÂ’m ..stiff that
come and get this prize and my true ..get fraps .

[busta rhymes :]
yeah and when the fortune ..with a bad bitch late back in the .. back
.. and while iÂ’m .. to my jump off you edge at the cliff nigga you jump off
..pull up when i .. need a .. the favourite get the ..for me
stepp up in the spot looking like a..


look i pull up the chofer open up the back door
two mother fucker bitches on the single .. fast ford
tell me sitting at the table with so many fuckign bottles
i just got another table .. these niggas donÂ’t want it
i am feeling my .. my mother fucker .. better know it

iÂ’m a new york giant flying new york jet
pop models and i pass em all like who want next
i get them one ..hundred dollar on the wip
free sex on the .. you ainÂ’t stepping like this
..bottles on em like .. like iÂ’m stepping in the ..
i can pull my chain out now iÂ’m writing the club
..on ym women shawty stay with the glow
..wet niggas what youÂ’re sayin


yeah while at money talk this is jdoe say
well i get ..all day, i got shooters and i am one
i get the ..with the .. day one
youÂ’re just a work up i know youÂ’re being boss
and you both play it out like ..shorts
your hood love me my hood love me
..the night in your face and ..

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