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Bow Wow - We Going Hard Lyrics

We Going Hard Lyrics

(Ace Hood)
Ace Hood!
What's crackin' nigga?

(Bow Wow)

Gettin' it in, you niggas losin. We pop bottles, we really do this.
Rims on the ride, them hoes shinin'. It's YMCMB, go ahead yo need alliance
Niggas lookin' tough, but they ain't bout that axle. And is she comin'
back? You know i'm smashin
I put in work, you watch me hustle. You niggas is nerds I'm talkin' Steve
I got my soldiers with me, like the Navy nigga. It's mashed potatoes over
here it's all gravy nigga'
Yeah a white tee, and some Nikes. And theres a hundred thousand restin on
my white tee.


Me and my niggas (Yeah!),
We goin hard (Yeah!)
A hundred stackin', we livin' large(chyeah!)
Count it up (Count it up),
How much is that? (How much is that?)
If there's a problem, we'll handle that

(Ace Hood)

You niggas lookin' for me i'm cool in the phantom, white on white I named
that bitch Hannah Montana
Strapped with that hammer, got balls like a slammer
You sleepin' on me homie, you'll die in pajamas
Go guess and get this, no coke in my veins
I'm way too fly, it's a bird it's a plane!
Anybody wanna know my name, Ace double O D with flames, ain't playin'
around with them lames
Quarter mill that's stunt on my chain, you rappers ya'll are actors, fuck
once don't call her after
I'm back like chiropractors, book me twenty a chapter. My flow go so damn
Flow alert and level, underrated homie still made 2 mill a bezel.

(Chorus X2)

(Bow Wow)

They said you the man, but I got all the power. You got in a lot? Homie I
highly doubt it
Talkin' too much, that's how you get in trouble.
Pillow talkin' to these hoes thinkin' they love you
See to your lines, you niggas is actors.
How you broke in traffic? Must be hustlin' backwards
Money don't buy respect, it's rules to the game. And if you don't know,
then you shouldn't be playin'

(Chorus X2)

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