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Lady Leshurr - LEGO Lyrics

LEGO Lyrics

Verse 1:
When they see me comin, they know that I lego
I'm on another level, I'm a friggin rebel.
So turn up base and dont forget to raise the trebel
and Imma keep on banging this until your face is yellow
hello, did you get the memo?
sucking all these artists from the scene, armadillo.
Keep the beat the beat down, queue the instrumental
they sayin I am out of this world, you you U-F-O
F-O, O-F, N-O oh yes!
I can see these people are crossed with me cause IÂ’m so blessed
Always working no rest and IÂ’m very focused
dont know if you noticed but Im a head, no neck

everybody wanna be ontop of the game
when it does .... when im in the fame
... swapin my ain,
i know what time it is , watch in my face
hop scoth in the game , got stopped in my way
better take note, cause im gonna change
lego lego
if you really wanna come in on another level Lego

if you want it then, lego
you got money then, lego
go go lego, then you can lego
if you want it then, lego
you got money then lego.
go go lego, then you can lego
lego lego lego

Verse 2:
When they see me coming they know that IÂ’m lego-ing
they say im a heroine, flyer than the javelin
I have got adrenaline, I am simply medicine
These other girls are trash, let me got get a bin.
Business im settling, got so many bars that my lyrics need sentencing.
Give the beat a funeral, rest in peace, burry it
brah, down everything, don't imitate
IÂ’m a monster, iÂ’m an elephant
IÂ’m a zombie , iÂ’m an alien
and IÂ’ma lego and do the undoable
do the unthinkable, do the unusual

everybody wanna.....
but they already know that it is out of their reach
and im gonna blow, i take em out of their seats
keepen stubbin their toes, i take em out of their feet
out with the queen, ....out with the peace
...... sound of the beat
if you really wanna come in on another level Lego

[2 x Chorus:]

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