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Mann - The Mack Lyrics

The Mack Lyrics

(ft. snoop dogg & lyaz)

WeÂ’re turnin up the mack one more
WeÂ’re turnin up the mack once again
WeÂ’re turnin up the mack I do
‘cause you know that I’ll be back.

Here come the brand new new when you hear this
it feel like the nominated song of the year
feeling damn good up in here
cause Im representing from my whole hood up in here
but IÂ’m not to get the ghetto though,
mingling with some women feeling incredible
And IÂ’m tryna bag a chick from a centerfold and IÂ’m tryin burn bread like its finna be toast
finally up in the game and feeling me coach
cause Im first class flighin I aint finna be coach
Yeah this is celebration .. never in tell the friend .. the mack is back.

You can tell me ..hit the street
let the top down so they can see
we can hit the clubs and party hard
cause I just bought out the bar
we can g-fly from coast to coast
pop champagne letÂ’s make a toast

Now weÂ’re zippin .. Patron
smoke that kush till we get blown
WeÂ’re turnin up the mack c'mon
WeÂ’re turnin up the mack once again
WeÂ’re turnin up the mack I do
cause you know that IÂ’ll be back.

Let me hear you say ..
Let me hear you say where
Let me hear you say
Every day we stay fresh, fresh

I got keys to whatever
trees of endeavor
mann, he was buzzed, and hes on my level
HeÂ’s on the pedal, drive off slow
seven deuce Cadillac is convertible
She wanna be where the Mackin' is at
dogg in the house while im crackin it back
they say we say you say donÂ’t,
take it to the top now drop it down low
.on my back suited and booty?
Cripped out, pimped out
What would you do if was me
would you hop on a freak while you bob to the beat
now we can take it......


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