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Chamillionaire - Panamera Girl Lyrics

Panamera Girl Lyrics

Hopped in my porscha then I asked if it was all good if could come through,
You didnÂ’t sound excited and you just responded you can come if you want too,
I didnÂ’t like your tone of voice so I responded I gave you a rain check,
I wouldnÂ’t a said it if I knew that you would hit me back and say yeeeeaaassss

But tell me whens the last time I did what you want
And I now IÂ’m sittin on chrome outside of your home
They say it took a long time for man to be wrong
But for some reason I donÂ’t think sheÂ’ll stay that long

I didnÂ’t even yell when you was yelling cause I thought that would help
When IÂ’m right IÂ’m wrong and when IÂ’m wrong IÂ’m wrong bout somethin else
When I say a thought that I think is smart how come itÂ’s never felt
When I pull my card out for your heart how come it doesnÂ’t melt
But it use toooo, we was youthful
Better tighten those loose screws cause IÂ’m feeling like you never let me stay neutral
Feeling like you hated this wonderful life after I introduced you
And IÂ’m finna go cookoo tryna figure which nest that the bird just flew through
If it ainÂ’t you, then it must be
Something dealing with me, something that I canÂ’t see but you got me stevie wondering in hd
Told me the blind canÂ’t lead the blind, but I donÂ’t get it
I met a blind lady that knew where she was headed
Look at my ride, happiness never seen my debit
I canÂ’t confide in it but I could easily sell it
Such a corporate girl, coulda bein my porscha girl
Coulda bein my I want the world and IÂ’m a give you that in portions girl
La zan za ee zen za layy
Cause I donÂ’t really got nothin left I can say

IÂ’m done now

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