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Grafh - Black Roses Lyrics

Black Roses Lyrics

IÂ’m gone through some changes
Business and emotional I broke up with my girl last night
I broke up with my girl last night, I .. with my girl last night
ItÂ’s just me, it was the war last night
IÂ’m back on itÂ’s the same .. itÂ’s a new year
IÂ’m dealing with the same old ..
..even the glass ainÂ’t so empty .. so fool
But IÂ’m still drinking that watching the Ice Cube singing motha f*ck.
Should have ..this ainÂ’t for me tryin to .. my mother
She got that need she stay all day and stand all night suck..
She try enough suffer then he try enough ..
The stress that make you patience
Tryin to get it up my chest ..wait the world ..

I miss her black black rose in my garden
Hey hey hey, I miss her black black roses in my garden
Hey hey hey hey
The negative demons who have to murder them
Hey hey hey, I miss her black black roses yeah yeah

I used to cope my own dear it used to
The same old to use...
until so I .. my own ..thought money keep me company
I was tired of being ... and that to Madeleine my partner next ..
The big homie .. he told me ..but heÂ’s never know it ...
I have lost what I have gained .. I wish my baby
IÂ’m sorry I ainÂ’t ..too much ..too much probably with the
I canÂ’t never be faithful get away from me takin away from
I ahev a lot to learn pray for me


A couple people from my .. they seen me ..they grown now
What you think about me is not my business
Say I met at Hollywood and now I have to call you what the fact make tyou think
I donÂ’t owe you ...
You donÂ’t owe me need to call me he told me
He never told me love me..
They should IÂ’m still chasing rap money ..coming out today


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